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Trading Systems

Trade with the help of an automatic system of profit making is gaining popularity due to improvement of traditional trading. This means the creation of a universal system that has saved time for many participants in the financial market. The results will not keep you waiting long.

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How to use Automated Trading Systems?

The system of use consists of several subclasses. First, the trader must choose EUR / USD trading instrument. After that, the trader needs to closely monitor the forecasts from four robots of Automated Trading program, which within 3 minutes will give out several variants of proposals for responding to the market. The trader takes a personal decision on the financial step, based on the proposed probability, on the commission of purchase / sale operation or refusal to perform any actions.

Effects of operations on Automated Trading Systems

Since the robot software algorithm on Automated Trading platform offers several options for actions, there are several scenarios for the development of events in automatic trading

  • When 2 robots versus 2 robots show a separate opinion;
  • When 3 out of 4 signals coincide and offer a solution;
  • When all four robots offer to take the final action.

Consider all the options in order:
At a position where two robots offer one position and the other two opposite, which happens in 61% of cases, it is most often the trader who decides to open an appropriate transaction at his own risk. When the algorithm showed the advantage of 3 out of 4 robots, the robot will perform an action when the trader is notified of a certain operation. When all four robots make a unanimous decision, which happens only in 2% of cases, then the algorithm automatically starts trading.



This chart shows the results of testing the work of automated trading system Automated Trading Systems. With a directly proportional increase in sales and purchase operations, the total amount of the required deposit for automatic trading will also increase.

Successful transactions

This chart shows the ratio of successful and failed trades that traders make using Automated Trading. As the statistics show, this fully corresponds to all committed transactions, keeping the rule that the maximum number of failed transactions in trade should not exceed ideally more than 20% of the total number of transactions performed.

Analysis of robots’ indicators

This diagram shows the ratio of robots’ positions in the Forex market with the help of Automated Trading, as well as the frequency of the layout of positions. 61% happens at position 2-on-2, 37% percent – with the advantage of three robots, and only 2% with the unanimous decision of all four robots.