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What is important to know?

The rules, by which the personal analyst Boxinvesting makes all necessary transactions, are based on the fact that client agrees with broker representative all his actions on the trading floors. Before such preliminary meeting, the trader is interested in specialist about the situation on the market, which positions will be the best and how trading instrument will behave at the time of opening transaction. Proceeding from this, the client chooses proposed strategy from his personal analyst, and then begins to make trading transactions.

This strategy allows to secure the client of our company against unforeseen risks, helps to commit profits, formulate their own strategies for future transactions. In addition, representatives of Boxinvesting are always ready to provide for our traders, different level of training and skills, a qualified specialist on trading in international markets. Thus, the assistance of a personal analyst for the traders of our company will not only enable us to make a profit but also get good skills in future to carry out self-trading.

How useful is the analyst?

If you decide to start trading on international trading floor, our company proposes to approach this task quite pragmatically - to resort the help of a professional market analyst from Boxinvesting.


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