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MAM Account
MAM Account is an investment service that allows investors to earn money without participating in trading on the Forex market, but with the help of a manager who gets additional profit for managing investors' funds.

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Advantages of MAM accounts

It is very profitable for investors to open a MAM Account because they have a real opportunity to earn without making trading operations on their account and not studying the specifics of trades. The MAM Account and the manager receiving payment for performance of operations on the management of investors’ accounts is favorable. In addition, the discovery of this type of account provides a number of serious options, among which:

High profitability

Saving Time

Weighted risks

Investment protection

Zero Commission

Reliable result

Types of MAM Accounts


This MAM Account perfectly fits those traders who put reliability in priority.
Yield: about 12% per month.
Strategy: medium-term and long-term investment in trading instruments with the least risk potential, trading on the date of register closure, trend analysis of the market. Much attention is paid to monitoring financial statements of the largest companies on the market and searching for undervalued shares of a particular industry. Also, the method of investing in index futures is used as a tool for risk diversification.
Average retention time: 9 working days.


This type of MAM Account is for those investors who want to strike a balance in the selection of investment instruments.
Yield: about 21.5% per month.
Strategy: intraday trading and short-term investments with a mix of technical, fundamental and news analysis. Particular attention is paid to trade in commodities, energy, and news as a way to maximize profits. With the release of fundamental news, a gap analysis and an appropriate trading strategy may be involved.
Average retention time: 2 working days.


The type of MAM Account with the highest yield, which is ideal for those investors who value the level of income and profitability of the invested funds.
Yield: about 43.2% per month.
Strategy: exclusively intraday trading and scalping with using the most liquid currency pairs, Brent and XAUUSD. As a forecasting tool, it is used graphical and wave analysis of the market, in tandem with a combination of five indicators and oscillators to search for entry points to the market and signals to reverse the trend.
Average retention time: 1 hour 17 minutes.