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Trading ways

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MAM Account

This MAM account perfectly fits those who put reliability in priority. Yield: about 12% per month. Strategy: medium-term and long-term investment in trading instruments with the least risk potential, trading on the date of register closure, trend analysis of the market.


Repetition or copying of transactions is an action in which trader, using one of the trading platforms, performs the reproduction of the operation on his personal account. Simply put, you take a trade of one of the top traders and transfer it to your personal account.

Automated Trading Systems

Automated Trading Systems (automatic trading) is the way of the conclusion of commercial transactions with an application of a certain software. Specially programmed trading systems independently calculate the trend, determine its direction and the strength of price movement.


Among the advantages of self- trading, it is worth noting that client personally makes a decision about how to make trades on trading instruments, securities, index quotes, commodity futures, etc.

Personal analyst

The rules by which the personal analyst makes all necessary transactions are based on the fact that client coordinate his actions on the trading floors with broker representative.