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All the most important and necessary tools for BoxInvesting traders in one section

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Trading calculators

An important factor in determining the probable profit is the calculation of profit with the help of an economic calculator. Boxinvesting offers our clients several types of the most popular types of trading calculators - currency, Fibonacci calculator, profitability calculator and margin calculator.

World Interest Rates

Central banks of many states offer their terms for granting loans, which affects monetary policy in a single country. Boxinvesting provides a full list of basic rates for short-term lending in the leading countries of the world.

Economic calendar

Traders often distract from watching the release of important data or publishing important information, which leads to a loss of earning potential because of the constant attention on the trades.

Trading signals

Everyone tries to earn their money working with one of the financial instruments, even despite the huge range of opportunities for earning money. Due to this, the trader has the opportunity to increase revenue by trading on active trading signals.

Daily market review

World markets depend on a huge number of factors - from the statement of politicians to the release of important economic data. Despite this, experienced traders and professionals in the market of social trading use proven methods, including a daily review of important market news.

Service "Bloomberg online"

The global financial services market offers quite a variety of platforms for viewing technical charts of necessary trading instruments. One of the most interesting platform apps for the trader's work is the development of Bloomberg online.


General information on the most popular issues.

KYC / Account Verification

In order to maximize the protection of our customers, we adhere to the policy of ″KYC″ (Know Your Customer). Please note that Boxinvesting is against any fraudulent activity and supports the fight against money launderers, which means that you need to provide certain documents within 48 hours.

Forex TV

International broker Boxinvesting offers you a section of Forex TV with a lot of video news, analytical reviews, and interviews. In the presented videos Forex TV is told about the latest trends and changes in the foreign exchange market

Trading platforms

Boxinvesting traders have the opportunity to trade in many types of currencies, commodities, indices. The interface is configured individually for each client, which makes it easy to manage for both beginners and professionals.